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Re: cygdrive flags / hiding cygdrive prefix directory (the old behavior)

On 6/13/06, Brian Dessent <> wrote:

> changed to become visible.  The cygwin installer now also creates a
> real directory on the windows file system called cygdrive,

I don't know where you got this idea but it's absolutely not true.
There should never be a physical directory backing the cygdrive prefix,
and no package (and certainly not setup.exe) should ever create it.
Some users may create it to assist in tab-completion, but that is
something they would have done by hand.

I agree that it shouldn't create this directory... But i have tried this a couple more times to verify. If i only do a base install, it does not create a physical cygdrive directory, but if i install everything, it does. (for reference, this is from a full download to disk on june 8, 2006 from the mirror).

This change was made in 1.5.19:
<>.  It
was a change to the code in the DLL, and it has nothing to do with flags
in the mount table.

Great! This is what i was looking for. Do you think anyone at cygwin would consider making this feature optional in a later release?

- Kral

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