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Running PVM on Cygwin: /tmp/pvmd.459794: No such file or directory


I'm using latest Cygwin on WinXP and have managed 
to compile PVM 3.4.4 after few minor tweaks:

1) In conf/CYGWIN.def I've put:
	-DARCHCLASS=\"CYGWIN\" -DRSHCOMMAND=\"ssh\" (I use ssh keys)
   and also added -lrpclib -lreadline to ARCHDLIB and ARCHLIB
2) In console/cons.c I've added #include <readline/history.h>
3) In xdr/types.h I've removed prototype: extern char *malloc();
4) my $HOME contains spaces: "/cygdrive/c/Documents and
   so I had do put quotes around -f "$HOME/.somefilename" 
   in the pvm and pvmd scripts in several spots.

After that PVM compiles fine, but I have troubles to start the

$ /usr/local/pvmgmake/pvm3/lib/CYGWIN/pvm.exe  /tmp/pvmhostfile.152
libpvm [pid3848] /tmp/pvmd.459794: No such file or directory
libpvm [pid3848]: Console: Can't start pvmd

$ cat /tmp/pvmhostfile.152
* dx=/usr/local/pvmgmake/pvm3/lib/pvmd

/usr/local/pvmgmake/pvm3 /usr/local/pvmgmake/pvm3

OpenSSH access works fine, this can't be the reason:

$ ssh-add -l
1024 32:61:2a:cd:44:ac:29:cf:77:8f:88:0f:e4:c3:40:88
/cygdrive/c/Documents and Settings/afarber/.ssh/id_dsa (DSA)

I suspect, that something very minor is missing
(some space in a path or maybe ".exe" missing somewhere)

I keep looking through PVM's source code to find the place, 
where pvm starts pvmd but haven't found that yet.

Did anybody else struggle with PVM on Cygwin 
and do you have any hints for me please?


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