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Re: Question on cygwin's FTP server

Chetan M.J. wrote:

> I have installed the latest cygwin on a Win2K
> professional.
> Please:
> 1. The default FTP server that comes with cygwin- how
> can I limit the maximum number of FTP sessions?

You can't.

For that functionality you better install ProFTP, which is another of the
packages you can install with Cygwin's setup program.  After installing it you
have to configure what you want it to do, use the README that comes with it as a

> 2. Is there any flow control mechanism available
> dynnamically? Can I control the number of bytes
> ftp'ed/second for different FTP sessions?

With ProFTP yes.

> 3. Is there a suspend/resume functionality available?
> Let's say 2MB of a 10MB file was transferred before
> loss of connection. Is there anyway that ftp
> automatically resumes for the other 8MB.

Again with ProFTP yes.

> 4. Is there anyway I can programatically control the
> ftp server for the above 3 desirable features?

No, I don't think so.

> 5. Which process can I look up on the taskbar to check
> whether the FTP service is running?

None.  The server runs as a Windows service, you can see the process with Task
Manager, you can control it with Services Management console.

> *Alternatively*, please direct me to relevant
> documentation. I installed cygwin, went to different
> pages on and searched for ftp, but could
> not find any information.

One usually searches the package list page to see what's available, then if it
is a ported package (like ProFTP) go to their site and see what it is, what it
does, documentation, etc.  For other packages (like the ftp server in inetutils)
the first place to look at is the included documentation:
/usr/share/doc/Cygwin/inetutils-*.README .
René Berber

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