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Re: mirror problem

On Tue, 13 Jun 2006, Burlen wrote:

> Hi, I recently did a cygwin install, I was having all sorts of
> issues,x-term wasn't installed, nor ssh or svn, which supprised me since
> the last time installed these came by default. After much fiddling I
> realized that during the install process the mirror you chose is
> important! not all of the mirrors seem to have the same cygwin release,
> which is frustrating since there are so many of them in no particular
> order and no indication what one is getting. Good new though after the
> 4th or 5th try I finally found the right mirror. Just wanted to post to
> let the admins know there is a problem.

No mirror on the official mirror list distributed via
<> should be more than, IIRC,
48 hours out of date.  You may have stale mirrors still selected in setup,
however.  I suggest you unselect the mirror you're currently using, and
then add one of the mirrors from <>, which
is the HTML form of the above list.  FWIW, you *can* select more than one
mirror (hold Ctrl while selecting), and setup will show you the latest
packages from all selected mirrors.
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