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Re: Updated: vim-7.0.017-1

Luis P Caamano wrote:
Well, almost.  After updating I realized that gvim is not included :-(
so I ended up with a vim 7.0 and a gvim 6.4, which is not that useful
it seems.  Had to go back to 6.4.


On 6/12/06, Luis P Caamano <> wrote:
On 6/12/06, Corinna Vinschen <> wrote:
> I have updated the version of vim on to 7.0.017-1.
> This is the long awaited vim 7.0, latest patchlevel 17.  Cygwin Vim
> still builds from the vanilla sources.

Thank you!!!!

-- Luis P Caamano Atlanta, GA USA

Build it from source...
If anyone can advise how to 'fix' the caveat listed at the bottom, I'd appreciate it.

cd /usr/src
mkdir vim
cd vim
svn co
cd vim7
./configure --enable-rubyinterp --enable-cscope --enable-fontset --with-features=huge
make install

only one caveat -- when invoking gvim, you have to pass the -f parameter, otherwise you will get:
gvim: Fatal IO error 128 (Transport endpoint is not connected) on X server :0.0.


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