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Re: rxvt usage issues under windows xp

Igor, thank you for your reply.

Igor Peshansky wrote
export CYGWIN="codepage:oem tty binmode title"
set CYGWIN in the global system environment instead.
Ok, I've set it in the main windows environment. Now from CDM.EXE prompt, CYGWIN is already set.

export TERM="rxvt-cygwin-native"
And this is another problem -- this will bite you when you try using ssh.
...I suggest adding
"-tn rxvt-cygwin-native" to your rxvt command line instead of the above .bashrc line.
Ok, done this. Never had problems, because I haven't do any ssh to my machine since I've switched to rxvt.
Because you've misread the manpage. "+sk" turns OFF "scroll-on-keypress".
You want "-sk" instead. This is not Cygwin-specific.
That's my fault !!! Now it's working perfectly :D

It's a Windows codepage issue. rxvt uses the system-default codepage.
You'll probably need a customized font with the right characters in the
right places...
Oh yeah, I've red /usr/share/doc/Cygwin/rxvt-20050409.README and found mention about the font "Lucida ConsoleP".
I've downloaded from, installed in Windows, and run a shortcut with:

C:\cygwin\bin\rxvt.exe -bg black -fg white -si -sk -sw -sr -sl 65535 -tn rxvt-cygwin-native -fn "Lucida ConsoleP-22" -ls -e /usr/bin/bash --login -rcfile ~/.profile

Now mc is correctly displayed, but
pstree -p
is not drawen correctly (nor it was before....) !!!

-- Diesis

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