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Re: RPM's (was Re: unix 'at' command implementation)

On Sun, Jun 11, 2006 at 06:38:49PM +0200, wrote:
>Max Bowsher wrote
>>I've entertained fantasies of making integrating dpkg into setup.exe,
>>and making Cygwin packages be in .deb format
>I'll certainly love .deb packages, surely apt support.  Cygwin is
>command-line, so it would be nice to ssh remotely in a machine, run
>apt-get update && apt-get upgrade to mantain the Cygwin system....

That's precisely why people think about integrating something like rpm
or deb into the packaging system.  However, the funny thing about free
software is that no matter how much people want this type of thing it
still requires someone to do the actual work.

I would hate to see this thread become a wish-fest when there is
obviously no one interested in doing this work.  That would be a waste
of good electrons.

I will point out that there is no mystery to the format of cygwin
packages.  They are just .tar.bz2 files and they are *MUCH* simpler than
rpm or deb files (and I am intimately acquainted with all three formats,
thanks).  It is not that hard to extract .tar.bz2 files and install them
except for the chicken/egg problem of installing packages that are used
to install packages.  That is a basic problem with rpm and deb too.


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