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Re: RPM's (was Re: unix 'at' command implementation)

Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:
> Linda Walsh wrote:
>> Eric Blake wrote:
>>>> I have cygwin install but I can not find the
>>>> implementation of Unix 'at' command.
>>> Because no one has ported an open source version of it
>>> to cygwin yet.
>> ----
>>    Some packages might be more easily ported if RPM's
>> became a common way to package cygwin packages.  Much
>> of the porting effort is in converting to the cygwin installer.
>> Someone asked about logrotation a while back and I was
>> surprised no one had ported a logrotate package.  I pulled
>> the source RPM from my SuSE distro, and was able to
>> produce a binary RPM in about 10 minutes, then I realized
>> RPM's weren't a desirable format for cygwin packages.
>>    I'm sure there's some good reason for converting all
>> packages to yet another installer, but I'm not sure I know
>> what they are.  One side effect, though -- it can  put a
>> damper on porting programs over when most (or all) of the
>> work is in converting to the a different installer.
> Support for RPM and DEB packages were always intended for setup.exe.
> It's just no one has added this support yet.  Anyone who's interested
> is certainly welcome to provide patches to reach this goal.  I'm sure
> they will be thoughtfully considered.

I've entertained fantasies of making integrating dpkg into setup.exe,
and making Cygwin packages be in .deb format. It's a pretty huge
undertaking though, and somehow I can't see myself getting around to it
any time soon.


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