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rxvt usage issues under windows xp

I've switched time ago from the standard cygwin.bat (cmd.exe) window, to rxvt.
It's miles away from the m$ command line, but I still have some issue.

First of all, here is my launch command taken from the web with some tweaks:
C:\cygwin\bin\rxvt.exe -bg black -fg white -si +sk -sw -sr -sl 65535 -fn "Courier New-23-bold" -ls -e /usr/bin/bash --login -rcfile ~/.profile

And in my .bashrc I have:
export CYGWIN="codepage:oem tty binmode title"
export TERM="rxvt-cygwin-native"

Now the issues:

A-I want to scroll back manually, without resetting position, event if there is something scrolling on the screen. So I have setup -si -sw.
B-But I want to go on the prompt line on key press. So I have setup +sk.
A is working fine, B not. Why ?

I used Windows Courier-New font, because it correctly show up character (for example, midnight commander) in other applications, like Putty.
In rxvt, it doesen't work well. I've tried "Lucida Console" too, but the result was the same. Why ?

Thanks for suggestions,


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