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RPM's (was Re: unix 'at' command implementation)

Eric Blake wrote:
I have cygwin install but I can not find the
implementation of Unix 'at' command.
Because no one has ported an open source version of it
to cygwin yet.
   Some packages might be more easily ported if RPM's
became a common way to package cygwin packages.  Much
of the porting effort is in converting to the cygwin installer.
Someone asked about logrotation a while back and I was
surprised no one had ported a logrotate package.  I pulled
the source RPM from my SuSE distro, and was able to
produce a binary RPM in about 10 minutes, then I realized
RPM's weren't a desirable format for cygwin packages.

   I'm sure there's some good reason for converting all
packages to yet another installer, but I'm not sure I know
what they are.  One side effect, though -- it can  put a
damper on porting programs over when most (or all) of the
work is in converting to the a different installer.


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