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RE: Issue with Find command on windows NT

    I tried using find I:\<path> -noleaf -print ,but I am getting the
same error .
Part of the error is as follows.

>find I:\ode.boxster_UNITw2kMixednew_0228 -noleaf -print
find: /cygdrive/i changed during execution of find (old inode number
 new inode number -509781400, filesystem type is system) [ref 1114]
find: /cygdrive/i changed during execution of find (old inode number
 new inode number -509781400, filesystem type is system) [ref 1114]

The same output on Windows 2K client is as follows

D:\>find H:\ode.boxster_UNITw2kMixednew_0227 -noleaf -print

Thanks and Regards,

-----Original Message-----
From: Igor Peshansky [] 
Sent: Thursday, June 08, 2006 2:58 PM
To: Vishwanath, Karthik
Subject: Re: Issue with Find command on windows NT

On Thu, 8 Jun 2006, Vishwanath_Karthik wrote:

> Hi,
>      Find command not seems to be working on Network shares on only
> Windows NT.
>      On Windows 2K,Winodws XP and Windows 2003 it seems to be working
> fine.
>       The command issued was
>       find I:/TREEABC -print
>       where "I " is the mapped network drive.

Does "find /cygdrive/i/TREEABC -print" work any better?

>      On All other Windows except Windows NT It displays all the files
> under TREEABC directory recursively.
>      But on Windows NT it does not do that.
>      Is there any reason for such behavior .Can this be patched up so
> that it works on Windows NT too?

Just a WAG, but try "find I:/TREEABC -noleaf -print" -- you may be
into inode emulation problems on Windows NT.

Otherwise, please read and follow the Cygwin problem reporting
at <>.  There was also a message on this
list from Corinna Vinschen[1] with a program you could build and run on
your system to print the detailed network drive information -- that
be helpful in diagnosing the problem.
[1] <>
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