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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: rxvt-20050409-3

RXVT is a VT102 terminal emulator for both X and Windows.

This is a bugfix update (as was the -2 release, which I neglected to announce). This release should correct the issues with font-size-changing in native windows mode, reported
Thanks to Gilbert, Cheetah, and rene.

The -2 release fixed an issue where rxvt would hide a user's interactive bash-in-cmd.exe session.

Changes since 20050409-2: --------------------------------- * Implement XTranslateCoords() within libW11 in an attempt to get smart resizing to work. Discover that most Xservers lie about upper-left-corner position of client windows, such that WM decorations are already accounted for -- and thus the small section rxvt code within the smart-resize function that "compensates" for WM decorations is not active with "real" Xservers.

  But libW11 doesn't lie about WM decorations.And rxvt's "compensation"
  code -- active in this case -- is hopelessly broken.

Don't use --enable-smart-resize.

Changes since 20050409-1:
* Removed hide_console code.  As it happens, the W11 wrapper
  library already had similar -- smarter -- code for hiding
  the console.  This pre-existing code did not hide the console
  rxvt was invoked via a bash-in-cmd.exe shell, whereas the now-removed
  code did do so.  Thus, invoking 'rxvt' from the command line in such
  a shell permanently hid the user's existing session.  This was bad.
* However, this means we will need a different solution for when we
  invoke rxvt via a script and WANT the script's console hidden.
* Turned on support for 24bit visuals (may only have effect when in
  X mode), as well as selection scrolling.


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