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Re: <kein Betreff>

Thx for your answer. But I called the guys from the SWIG mailing list and they stated that
my problem can not be solved with SWIG. It would only be useful if I wished to use a
e.g. c-program for another language.
Any other ideas?

Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:
Maurice Hüllein wrote:
I'm currently developing a c++ plugin for a windows simulator environment, which accepts plugins in form of a dll. For doing so my dll needs to include a library of this simulator program which is only supported
in ".a" format. I solved this problem by cross compiling the dll from cygwin for the windows platform.

But now there is another problem. My .dll-project needs to use external libraries which are only supported
in windows .lib format. So theres the issue that my VC Express compiler can not use the .a library and the
cross compiler can not handle the .lib. I already read that even if both, the .a and .lib, are static libraries there are incompatibilities because of the used compiler.
I would prefer to disclaim the bypass of using cygwin and a cross compiler at all. So is there any way of
converting the .a library in a native windows .lib?

The incompatibilities you refer to are the result of differences in different
"vendors" C++ formats, not in the differences between library formats.
Actually a static .a and .lib have the same format. But the former
restriction overshadows the latter non-issue. You'll need to wrap your
library in C-callable interfaces if you really want to get this to work.
Perhaps the very recently update SWIG library will be helpful for you?

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