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RE: ssh with tunnel stacktrace on core duo

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> [] On Behalf Of Jürgen Schmitz
> Sent: Wednesday, June 07, 2006 6:36 AM
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> Hi!
> I'm using cygwin SSH for a long time now on a centrino notebook. Now I
> have to switch over to a new core duo notebook with 2 GB ram.
> Any help is welcome,

A number of users have reported what appear to be
related symptoms of this problem, that is, Cygwin's
ssh failing on computers (laptops only?) with dual-core
CPUs.  (Although I have seen this problem on three
(identical) dual-core laptops, I no longer have access
to those computers so I cannot investigate this problem
any further.)  If you are interested in helping to
resolve this problem, you might try the following:

   1. Use 'scp' to attempt to copy a file from your ssh
      server to your computer that has Cygwin installed on it.
      The file should be relatively large (greater than 100
      kilobytes).  If the problem is consistent, then you
      should see that scp fails to copy this large file (or
      try a set of "large" files).

   2. Retry the scp command but use 'strace' to get some
      idea about where the code is failing.

   3. Retry the command, but use 'gdb' to debug ssh or scp


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