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Re: Trying to run VBScript from Cygwin

Dean Steve wrote:
I'm also opening a ssh connection from a Linux box to a Windows machine to
run a Windows process using CreateObject within VBScript. I have been able
to replicate the problem using Excel so I know it's not my other program
that is causing the problem. When I run the script, the process starts in
the Task Manager but the script fails to proceed any further. I didn't get
any error messages originally but when I reinstalled cygrunsrv with the -i
option I did get a similar message to Paul complaining about the
CreateObject option.

As with Paul the script works fine when I run it locally when I am sat at
the machine but seems to hang when I am using ssh. I don't know of any
immediate workarounds and I can't change the software like the suggested fix
for Paul so do you have any other solutions?
   I'm not sure I understand the problem, but it seems like
you are trying to log into a Windows machine from a remote system
(running some unknown software).  Then you are trying to start
a GUI application like Excel or Word.

   You realize, that even if you managed to start Excel or Word,
that the output of those programs would "try" to be displayed on
the machine you are "ssh"ing into.  I.e. -- they, normally, will
only display on the same machine they are running on.

   Is this what you are intending?
   Word and Excel aren't written using the "X" protocol, so
they can't have their output easily forwarded over an "ssh"
connection to be displayed elsewhere.

   If you need that feature, you might google for "Windows remote
desktop" and read up on the results...


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