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Re: rsh with command hangs, rlogin works

Andrew DeFaria wrote:
> Apparently /dev isn't a file or directory on 2003!

That's very strange as syslogd-config creates the dir and then
tests if it exists.

> Executing syslog hello in another window just gives me a command
> prompt back. Nothing gets written to /var/log/messages!

Normal with no output to the shell.
If no output to messages file then you can try raising the priority (-p).
Also check setting the level in /etc/syslogd.conf.

> Jun 5 07:45:01 SONS-SC-CC kernel: in.rshd[8132]: segfault at 00000003
rip 0022E4E5 rsp 0022E454 error 4

This line proves that syslogd works. Also that we have the same
problem (in.rshd segfault).

> [ccadmin] sons-sc-cc:echo "localhost" > /etc/hosts.equiv
> [ccadmin] sons-sc-cc:rsh localhost
> Switching to user ccadmin failed!
> (snip) Yet in the first case above it manages to do that. How?

Beats me. It does not happen to me. But I haven't had time to
try it on 2003 yet.

> login: no shell: /bin/bash: Permission denied

Beats me again... sorry.

The only thing I can think of is serious problems with Windows ACL
settings, like in the parent (or grand parent's) folder having a
bad setting that applies recursively...

Or problems with mount points, so that you don't really have /
where you thing (like when /dev does not exist). Does the mounts
exists for all the users?

Or the user is obsoleted in /etc/password (there is a mkpasswd
command one occationally has to run).


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