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w32-shell-execute function definition is void

i cannot seem to be able to use/find w32-shell-execute.
i'm using emacs v21.3.50.1, but it was the same under a
previous version (v21.2.13).

i've tried moving my .emacs and starting up clean, but it
is just always comes back with the function definition
being void if i try to excecute anything that uses this
function. Typing "M-x w32" and hitting tab comes back
empty (No match).

i tried compiling the source version of but i
get the errors mentioned elsewhere with bootstrap-emacs
causing a segmentation fault after altering the souce
for the emacs/d_ino issue against cygwin 1.5.19-4,
but browsing the source i can see the w32-shell-execute
method is in the source, but i just don't seem to be able
to ever get it to be recognised.

I mostly use emacs-X11, but i've just tested it with the non
x11 binary distribution from installing with setup.exe and that
has the same problem.

can anyone help me understand why this fails?
is there something i'm missing about the cywin build of emacs?


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