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Re: rsh with command hangs, rlogin works

Andrew DeFaria wrote:
> Still nothing in /var/log/messages

No need to reboot. Just make sure the syslogd is started, it should
output somthing when it starts but nothing special when launching in.rshd.

To make sure syslog works, just

$ syslog hello
$ tail /var/log/messages

> Also, we must remember you're on XP (Home?) and I'm on 2003 Server...

Yes, XP Home at home and XP Pro at work. Same segfault on both.

> > (...) maybe chmod 600
> Hmmm... I thought that permissions had to be at least o+r

You are right. I check on my work machine where .rhosts exists
and it does have permission 644. Sorry.

> What I'm really doing is mounting //<server>/<share> -> /us (we have
> /us and /china for US and China users) and then I put /us/adefaria
> in the home field of /etc/passwd. Interestingly an ls -l of /us
> shows permissions of 000!

Maybe OK. Cygwin "ls -l" does not show the whole true. I guess Windows
ACL shows the truth but I try to avoid changing them. Always get
a feeling of sinking in quicksand.


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