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Re: g++ API for video acquisition

Philippe Gambron wrote:

> I know that Windows offers an API (Video for Windows) that allows to do
> roughly the same thing.

VFW is old and deprecated, it's cruft from the 16 bit Windows 3.x days. 
DirectShow is the modern replacement.

> But is it possible to use this API (or another that allows to do the same
> thing) with g++ under cygwin? In other words, do we have to buy Visual Net
> Studio or is it possible to do such a thing under windows using only free
> components?

You can use the full Win32 API with gcc; this is what the w32api package
provides.  But do note that for the purposes of a Cygwin program (as
opposed to a Mingw one) you should do things in a Posix way whenever
possible -- this means using open() instead of CreateFile(),
fork()/exec() or spawn() instead of CreateProcess(), pthreads instead of
CreateThread(), and so on.If you want to write a pure windows app and do
everything in the Win32 API way then you should use Mingw.


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