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Re: rlogin or telnet from Unix to WinXP

On Sat, Jun 03, 2006 at 07:35:14AM -0700, Freddy Jensen wrote:
>This is a question that I am sure many folks have the answer to,
>because I can imagine that people do this all the time.  I just have
>never had the time to get it set up:
>I wan't to be able to rlogin (and rshd) from my Unix machine to my
>WinXP machine.  I have cygwin installed on the WinXP machine so I want
>to rlogin to the home directory in my cygwin install dir and run a
>shell (bourne shell or c-shell).  I also want to be able to run 'rsh'
>from my unix machine to execute commands in my cygwin home directory.
>But, currently I cannot do that because there are no rshd, rlogind, or
>telnet daemons in cygwin.

Please read the main cygwin web page under "Installing and Updating Cygwin":

Then you can go to the "setup package search" page (cast your eyes to
the left), specifically:

If this still doesn't help then your next stop would be this page:


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