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Re: 1.5.19-4: sshd: "child_copy: linked dll data write copy failed" after computer reboot (Windows 2003 Server SP1)

Well, following the last recommendations I re-installed Cygwin with opensshd 
from scratch (see also attachment: cygcheck.out) and launched ssh-host-config 
like this:

$ ssh-host-config
Generating /etc/ssh_host_key
Generating /etc/ssh_host_rsa_key
Generating /etc/ssh_host_dsa_key
Generating /etc/ssh_config file
Privilege separation is set to yes by default since OpenSSH 3.3.
However, this requires a non-privileged account called 'sshd'.
For more info on privilege separation 
read /usr/share/doc/openssh/README.privsep

Should privilege separation be used? (yes/no) no
Generating /etc/sshd_config file

Warning: The following functions require administrator privileges!

Do you want to install sshd as service?
(Say "no" if it's already installed as service) (yes/no) yes

You appear to be running Windows 2003 Server or later.  On 2003 and
later systems, it's not possible to use the LocalSystem account
if sshd should allow passwordless logon (e. g. public key authentication).
If you want to enable that functionality, it's required to create a new
account 'sshd_server' with special privileges, which is then used to run
the sshd service under.

Should this script create a new local account 'sshd_server' which has
the required privileges? (yes/no) yes

Please enter a password for new user 'sshd_server'.  Please be sure that
this password matches the password rules given on your system.
Entering no password will exit the configuration.  PASSWORD=some_nice_password

User 'sshd_server' has been created with password 'some_nice_password'.
If you change the password, please keep in mind to change the password
for the sshd service, too.

Also keep in mind that the user sshd_server needs read permissions on all
users' .ssh/authorized_keys file to allow public key authentication for
these users!.  (Re-)running ssh-user-config for each user will set the
required permissions correctly.

Which value should the environment variable CYGWIN have when
sshd starts? It's recommended to set at least "ntsec" to be
able to change user context without password.
Default is "ntsec".  CYGWIN=ntsec tty binmode

The service has been installed under sshd_server account.
To start the service, call `net start sshd' or `cygrunsrv -S sshd'.

Host configuration finished. Have fun!

After restarting the computer connections are refused:
user@host:~> ssh Administrator@
ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host

.... and in in /var/log/sshd.log appears again the good old song:
      9 [main] sshd 2556 child_copy: linked dll data write copy failed, 
0x46C000..0x46C040, done 0, windows pid 2284756, Win32 error 87

... but after "Restart Service" from the service console the connection is 

Any further recommendations?


On Wednesday 31 May 2006 19:56, René Berber wrote:
> René Krell wrote:
> > I installed Cygwin rel. 1.5.19-4 on Windows 2003 Server SP1.
> [snip]
> > After installing I launched ssh-host-config and activated the sshd system
> > service.
> [snip]
> > Service             : sshd
> > Display name        : CYGWIN sshd
> > Current State       : Running
> > Controls Accepted   : Stop
> > Command             : /usr/sbin/sshd -D
> > stdin path          : /dev/null
> > stdout path         : /var/log/sshd.log
> > stderr path         : /var/log/sshd.log
> > Environment         : CYGWIN="ntsec"
> > Process Type        : Own Process
> > Startup             : Automatic
> > Dependencies        : tcpip
> > Account             : LocalSystem
> ------------------------^^^^^^^^^^^
> That is your problem.
> [snip]
> You didn't follow the recommendations of ssh-host-config, which also are
> explained in /usr/share/doc/Cygwin/openssh.README, specially the part that
> says:
>   "Important note for Windows 2003 Server users:"

Attachment: cygcheck.out
Description: Text document

      9 [main] sshd 2556 child_copy: linked dll data write copy failed, 0x46C000..0x46C040, done 0, windows pid 2284756, Win32 error 87

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