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Re: How come I'm still the mkgroup group?

Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:
Clifford Moravetz wrote:
I'm wondering why I'm still in the 'mkgroup' group even after running
the mkgroup and mkpasswd commands. I ran these commands like this:

mkpasswd -l -d > /etc/passwd
mkgroup -l -d > /etc/group

but when I run the id command I'm still in the mkgroup. Here's the
output from my id command:

uid=21522(Moravetz) gid=22162(mkgroup)

It got wrapped in a few odd places because of Yahoo's rules about
word wrapping. I've attached the output of cygcheck as requested.

Thank you.  It looks like your primary group ID is 22162.  It's possible
that 'mkgroup' is having problems getting information for that group id
from your domain.  Do you see any errors when you run 'mkgroup'?

I've not been able to get any effect from the recommended mkpasswd and mkgroup commands in recent years, on about 4 separate installations. There are no error messages, simply no effect. I haven't seen it as an issue to be raised, as it didn't have any obvious negative effect. I assumed it might be partly that, in the case of the laptop, operation both when connected and disconnected from a domain might not have any particular support.

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