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Detecting intrusive programs in cygcheck (was: RE: SOLVED: sshd+ssh localhost connects, but don't reach the shell)

> From: Vilar Camara
> >I'd really like to thank you for all your support tracing my 
> problem. 
> >I've uninstalled ZoneAlarm and everything works fine now.
> Just an additional information: I've installed ZoneAlarm Free 
> Edition and sshd is working. My previouos complaints were 
> about ZoneAlarm Pro. So, it's something related to the Pro version.
> --
> Best regards,
> Vilar Camara Neto

Two things:

1.  Does ZoneAlarm cause the same volume of havok with other software as it
does with Cygwin?  The equation appears to be "Cygwin + ZoneAlarm =
Disaster", but I have a hard time believing that it isn't really a system of
equations more along the lines of "AnythingThisSideOfNotepad + ZoneAlarm =

2.  Would it make any sense to have cygcheck look for ZoneAlarm, any and all
AV programs, Google Desktop, etc etc etc, and at least prominently flag
their existence, if not make some clear statement to the effect of "This
program is almost certainly causing your problem, plus dozens of others you
don't even know about.  Uninstall it."?  IIRC, Setup actually gives the user
the option of temporarily disabling AV software.

Gary R. Van Sickle

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