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Re: bash 3.x path completion problems

burning shadow wrote:
Like I said, it's unlikely that this is the thing that makes the difference, but you could
always have a quick try with the latest snapshot just in case: It might also be trying the different cygwin terminals, xterm
and rxvt as well as plain old dos console.

Oh, by the way. I'm working via SSH using PuTTY client. Maybe this is the case. I'll try snapshots later, thanks.

For the record, yes it definitely happens with tab-completion.

I've seen a couple of bugs related to prompts with non-printing characters. On a Windows console, my two-line prompt that should end with a bold white '$' loses the bold attribute... but if I do a tab completion that echoes back possibilities, then it is bold unless I try to go back past the beginning of the line, at which point it becomes non-bold.

Specifically, the following prompt demonstrates the problem, if anyone wants to experiment:
export PS1='\[\e[1;36m\]\w\n\[\e[37m\]\$ \[\e[0m\]'
(And yes, it seems to be a bug with the 'set bold' being on the previous line, but it works on all other platforms, for example, if I ssh to a Linux box from the exact same Cygwin window and use the exact same format of prompt, slightly different because I have e.g. \t, \h, etc in it.)

On Konsole (from Linux via ssh, with TERM=linux), I see the exact problem you described in the OP. Hitting <home><home><end> fixes the cursor so you can see where the *real* end of the line is, but does not erase the junk.

Dave, are you saying you can reproduce this in 'stable-latest' but not in snapshots? If so, that's good news.

Ncurses. Blessing console programs since 1993.

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