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Re: sshd+ssh localhost connects, but don't reach the shell

Vilar Camara wrote:
>> The symptoms do appear like a firewall issue like Larry Hall said,
> This is always a point to be rechecked. I just did it:
> - All ssh.exe, ssh2.exe (Windows GUI client) and sshd.exe have full
> permissions set to access and server;
> - Logging on, but no log entries about these programs being blocked.
> Anyway, as I said before, all my tests were performed with firewall not
> running. Should I try, for the sake of completeness, uninstalling it?

No, have you tested with the Windows firewall running?
(I'm using sshd with the firewall, only C:\Cygwin\sbin\sshd.exe is in the
exceptions, no putty, which works fine, or anything else)

>> If ping works, try "telnet 22" (use the numeric IP address)
>> you should
>> see "SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_4.3", then type anything and you'll get "Protocol
>> mismatch." and the connection is closed.
> Good point. I ran it, but got no response at all (telnet screen remains
> blank). Also (just to check) it doesn't work if service is down. So,
> everything is pointing towards a failure in the server side.

Now try: netstat -anbv | grep -B 1 -A 2 ":22"
should show only sshd.exe listening.

Also check: ps -a | grep sshd
before and during a test.  Is the UID 18? does the process have any suspend flags?

During a test, the second sshd process is the interesting one, you could try to
see what is doing (when it appears to be stuck) by using: strace -p $PID
where the process id is from the above ps -a.

A side note, in all the tests try to run the server normally (i.e.
auto-started), running it by hand is not the same (the process owner may not
have all the required attributes, UID 18 is SYSTEM which should have them).
René Berber

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