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RE: bash 3.x path completion problems

On 30 May 2006 18:08, burning shadow wrote:

>>   Since version 3, bash has had problems with readline causing spurious
>> 'ghost' 
>> characters to echo to the screen, particularly when scrolling through the
>> history 
>> buffer or using a prompt with non-printing chars in it.  It may affect
>> completion too. 
> Is there any solution?

  I don't know.  Like all bugs, it of course /can/ be fixed; whether it has been or not in upstream is another question.
>>   The real question is whether the trailing 'qq/' is actually there in the
>> input buffer or if it's just an optical illusion caused by the readline
>> bug.  What happens if you immediately 
>> press enter?
> It's an 'illusion', but it makes it very hard to navigate thru directories.

  Yeh, I find it horribly distracting too.
>>   BTW with all the latest updates (including cygwin dll from cvs, but
>> that's probably not relevant) I can't reproduce your example:
> I don't have CVS version of the DLL, but I have updated all packages
> before making bug report..

  Like I said, it's unlikely that this is the thing that makes the difference, but you could always have a quick try with the latest snapshot just in case:  It might also be trying the different cygwin terminals, xterm and rxvt as well as plain old dos console.

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