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RE: 200 GB drive has room but gzip indicates "No space left on device"

Dave Korn wrote:
> It's still odd that cygcheck (which is an all-win32-native program)
> would report false results like that.

I updated Cygwin just now.  The problem still exists.  Attached please find
the output of:

    2006-05-29 16:44:48 Administrator@p42800e /backup/p42800e
    $ cygcheck -s -v -r > cygcheck-20060529-1644.out

It's interesting to note that gzip works fine on small files
(cygcheck-20060529-1644.out, 16 kB), but barfs on big ones
(p42800e-exchange-20060527-230000.bkf, 505,973 MB):

    2006-05-29 16:48:01 Administrator@p42800e /backup/bin/p42800e
    $ ./run-gzips
    ===== Mon May 29 16:48:06 2006 run-gzips begin =====
    /usr/local/bin/gzips /backup/p42800e
    /usr/bin/gzip '/cygdrive/e/backup/p42800e/cygcheck-20060529-1644.out'

/cygdrive/e/backup/p42800e/p42800e-exchange-20060527-230000.bkf.gz: No space
left on device
    /usr/local/bin/gzips: system() call failed: 256 at /usr/local/bin/gzips
line 56.

    ./run-gzips: system() call failed: 256 at ./run-gzips line 16.


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