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Re: sshd+ssh localhost connects, but don't reach the shell

Hello again,

> 1) /var/log/sshd.log is *always* empty (0-byte length);

Normal. The only thing I see there are errors when I make an error changing

Usually sshd sends messages to the Windows Application Event log. I'm using
syslogd-ng so that messages go to /var/log/messages.

That's right, I had looked at it and completely forgot to mention it. But my Event Log doesn't add anyting to our discussion: there are only log entries saying:
`sshd' service started
`sshd' service stopped, exit status: 0
`sshd' service stopped, exit status: 255
sshd: PID XXXX: Server listening on port 22
sshd: PID XXXX: Received signal 15; terminating

I think the exit status may vary because sometimes I stop the service and sometimes I kill the process via Task Manager.

> 3) If I kill all "sshd.exe" processes while ssh is stuck, the client
> terminates with the message "ssh_exchange_identification: Connection
> closed by remote host". As I said, this may or may not be clarifying.
> Does anybody have a clue?

Not yet, could you show the rest of that output? or the end, to see where things

Well, no further output, just a line containing that and then back to the shell. Before that there is a lot of debugging messages (mostly complaining about ~/.ssh/id_rsa contents), as I've transcribed in my previous post.

Some ideas: are you running anything on your ~/.profile or equivalent file?

Well, I thought about that. I made a backup of my home directory and tried with a completely blank one, but still no success.

what shell do you use?

bash. By the way, all entries of /etc/passwd point to /bin/bash, except for the group entries, "SYSTEM" and "Administradores" (which means "Administrators"), which point to no shell.

can you try a user with a home in an NTFS partition? (I
don't know if FAT32 is the problem because I don't use that)

Yes, I'll try that. This will require some time because I have to repartition my HD, but it worths the try. By the way, should I try a complete cygwin installation under NTFS?

Please keep your replies on the list, the more people that see them the higher
the probability that someone will spot the problem.

Oops, sorry: I had blindly clicked on "Reply".

Best regards,
Vilar Camara Neto

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