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Re: "fork problem" debugging

Larry Hall (Cygwin <reply-to-list-only-lh <at>> writes:
> The key words here are "If you use Registry Editor incorrectly".  In other
> words, if you modify something other than what's recommended, you might
> cause yourself other problems.  This is standard boiler-plate legalese that's
> spewed whenever mention of changing the registry is uttered by MS (and
> others).  While you are free to interpret it as you wish and you are, of
> course, under no obligation to make these or any other changes in the
> registry via the registry editor, you should not feel like the above means
> that you should not edit your registry.  For those occassions where you do
> edit the registry yourself, just do so with care.

I know, but my emplyer provides this PC for me - I am neither prepared to nor
supposed to act as "root" doing major surgery on the Windows system registry and
break it. Cygwin is in this context what makes MS OS a mostly acceptable working
environment, thanks.

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