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multiple commands on a single line seem to run in the background automatically

I'm working on a bash script to automate the build process. The script
calls, depending on the parameters the Microsoft VC6 compiler and/or the
GreenHills compiler and/or the Cygwin GCC for one or more
If I invoke the script like:
    c:/bat/sbuild ......
things work pretty well. However if I invoke it as
    cd /cygdrive/d/CCase/anv009_SPRINT_8/SPRINT_VOB/SPRINT;c:/bat/sbuild
it does not work as expected. The ..... symbolizes the parameters which
are in both cases the same and are not relevant for the problem (I

In the first scenario, the prompt does not reappear till the script is
completed (this may be several minutes).
In the second scenario, the prompt returns much earlier but I also get
compilation errors. If I check the Windows taskmanager, then the
Microsoft compiler is still consuming close to 100% of the processor,
but it will end in due time.

Why does in the 2nd scenario the Microsoft compiler runs in the
background (at least that is my idea what is happening) while the 1st
scenario behaves as I expect/want?

Nico Valster

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