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Re: Newer cygwin packages available

Tim Prince wrote:
Charli Li wrote:
There are some newer cygwin packages available from the original vendor(s)
that I would like to bring to your attention:
|Package name|setup.exe version|vendor's version|
|GTK+2 |2.6.10 |2.9.1 |

The gtk website says "The current stable version of GTK+ is 2.8."

Following the download link for 2.8, we see:

So, IF the current maintainer wants to update, and only if, then I'd recommend these versions, not the ones you've listed (well, you got atk correct),

|glib2       |2.6.6            |2.11.1          |
|pango       |1.8.1            |1.13.1          |
|ATK         |1.9.1            |1.10.3          |

Just because the front page announces availability of something, does NOT mean it is the latest *stable* release. GTK is really really bad about distinguishing stable vs. development on their front page (heck, there are 4 -- count'em, 4 -- ongoing development series of glib:

2.8 (stable), 2.9, 2.10, and 2.11. Each of which appears in a directory with different ongoing development versions of pango (and sometimes gtk and atk, as well).

Because of this, my opinion of the gtk developers is pretty low -- it appears to be one of the most chaotic "projects" ever conceived. So I'd really REALLY suggest staying with the "stable" version...or maybe a little behind it <G>. (also, anything newer than 2.6 requires cairo and, optionally, glitz...which may or may not be very stable on cygwin -- I make no claim either way).

Did you test them? Offering to become cygwin maintainer if consensus develops?



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