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Re: Automated Cygwin install.

On 05/27/2006, Jarl Friis wrote:
Igor Peshansky <pechtcha <at> cs <dot> nyu <dot> edu> writes:
<>.  Thanks.

> > The file is called /etc/setup/installed.db. Simply copy it to the same
> > location on the other machine, then edit it and change all version numbers
> > to 0.0-0. That will ensure that you install the latest versions of the
> > same set of packages.

Thank you very much. That is kind of what I was looking for. But I
will definitely consider the alternative suggested methods as
well. One last thing on this method, can a ensure that a specific
version number is being installed (i.e. not the latest one). I
consider testing the latest on one machine, then I want the same stuff
on the others (without surprises introduced in later versions).

If you want the same versions as you've installed on another machine, you'll need to point 'setup.exe' to your local package directory and install using that rather than from a mirror.

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