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Re: sh script works, zsh script doesn't

>I think that the problem is the difference between ZSH's parameter
>expansion and sh's parameter expansion. I think that your $MUX gets
>expanded into single parameter "-a 0", instead of two parameters "-a"
>and "0", that you expect.

I separated MUX into two separate variables.  Believe it or not, things got
worse.  Now it isn't complaining about the last five items on the command
line being wrong, but the option that I split up.

When I run the external script that is created on the fly, that starts
tsreader just fine.  Yet, from within the main script it won't.

I'm going to have to set -x within the script so that I can see what it
is doing.  I ran out of time during lunch to see what that provides.

A real brain teaser.

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