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RE: slow share = slow scripts?

On 26 May 2006 16:38, mwoehlke wrote:

> Like... what? Inode information? Looking at the man page for 'stat' (on
> Linux, anyway; apparently I don't have the libc man pages installed on
> Cygwin), I don't see anything that I would expect to need to *open* the
> file to retrieve.

  That goes to show that your uninformed expectations are not a good guideline
into the necessities of program design.  It would have been better if you'd
read a few programming manuals.

> Way way back in the OP, I mentioned that Interix doesn't have this
> problem, which would imply a "design flaw" in Cygwin. Maybe (probably)
> it is a *necessary* design flaw, BUT...

  You are now piling pointless and incorrect speculation on your invalid and
groundless assumptions.  This is a waste of time.

> will never leave my office). However, I would appreciate any existing
> knowledge, or even pointers to where to start poking around, that anyone
> would care to share.

  Fundamental background research is something you should do /before/ posting,
rather than posting random speculation and asking people to mark the correct
and wrong points for you.  Here's a clue: RTFSC.  RTFMSDN as well.  Here's a
third clue:

      status = NtQueryInformationFile (get_handle (), &io, pfai, fai_size,

  See if you can find out where that line of code comes from.  Then read the
source code to the MSVCRT version of stat, which is shipped with VC, to see
how it gets the timestamps etc.  Then disassemble FindFirstFileExW in windbg
and see whether or not it opens the files that it calls.

  Then post again and explain how you think interix could stat a file without
having an open handle to it.

  Then post again and explain how you managed to tell that cygwin's having to
open the file is a substantial part of the speed difference between cygwin and
interix without having once read the source, profiled the code, or timed or
tested anything.

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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