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Re: Automated Cygwin install.

On Thu, 25 May 2006, Jarl Friis wrote:

> Hi Larry, thanks for the reply.
> "Larry Hall (Cygwin)" <reply-to-list-only-lh@XXXXXX.XXX> writes:

Ugh, <>.  Thanks.

> > Jarl Friis wrote:
> >> Hi.
> >> I have the following issue and according to google it seems like I am
> >> not the first one. I would like to tailor a package selection with
> >> the setup.exe utility, when that is done, I would like to make
> >> unattended installations of these packages on many machines. It seems
> >> like many people have questioned that before but I couldn't find good
> >> answers (the official recomended way) of doing so. Many answers on
> >> mailing lists refer to a dead link on The next best
> >> solution is of course to "copy" the package selection-set from one
> >> cygwin installation on one machine to another machine and the just
> >> run setup.exe with that package selection-set, so I don't have to
> >> spend 45minutes clicking around the GUI remembering which packages I
> >> selected in or out.  Can someone enlight me of how to do this best.
> >
> > Yep, that's one way.
> What do you mean? If you refer to my "next best solution", then please
> ellaborate on how I can actually do this. What cygwin file(s) contains
> the package selection-set from the GUI?

The file is called /etc/setup/installed.db.  Simply copy it to the same
location on the other machine, then edit it and change all version numbers
to 0.0-0.  That will ensure that you install the latest versions of the
same set of packages.

> > The other is to set up a local mirror with a setup.ini that includes
> > all the packages you want installed in the "Base" category.  Running
> > 'setup.exe' and choosing that mirror will install the new list of
> > default packages.  See the setup home page for details on this
> > (sorry, no direct pointer).
> I belive you mean this page:

Correct.  Actually, you don't really need the whole setup.ini -- it's
enough to have one dummy package (empty bin tarball, empty source) in the
"Base" category, which depends on all the packages you want.  You can use
/etc/setup/installed.db as the source for the list of packages (or run
"cygcheck -cd", which will print that list to stdout).  If you choose to
go with this method, you'll need to select one of the official mirrors as

There are two more ways: one is to set up a local mirror/shared package
repository that contains only the packages you want installed, and then
select "install everything" from that mirror/repository, and the other is
to use the experimental build of setup mentioned in

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