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Re: Automated Cygwin install.

Hi Larry, thanks for the reply.

"Larry Hall (Cygwin)" <> writes:

> Jarl Friis wrote:
>> Hi.
>> I have the following issue and according to google it seems like I am
>> not the first one.
>> I would like to tailor a package selection with the setup.exe
>> utility,
>> when that is done, I would like to make unattended installations of
>> these packages on many machines.
>> It seems like many people have questioned that before but I couldn't
>> find good answers (the official recomended way) of doing so. Many
>> answers on mailing lists refer to a dead link on
>> The next best solution is of course to "copy" the package
>> selection-set from one cygwin installation on one machine to another
>> machine and the just run setup.exe with that package selection-set, so
>> I don't have to spend 45minutes clicking around the GUI remembering
>> which packages I selected in or out.
>> Can someone enlight me of how to do this best.
> Yep, that's one way. 

What do you mean? If you refer to my "next best solution", then please
ellaborate on how I can actually do this. What cygwin file(s) contains
the package selection-set from the GUI?

> The other is to set up a local mirror with a setup.ini that includes
> all the packages you want installed in the "Base" category.  Running
> 'setup.exe' and choosing that mirror will install the new list of
> default packages.  See the setup home page for details on this
> (sorry, no direct pointer).

I belive you mean this page:


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