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Re: No postnews or other Usenet news utilities?

Dave Korn wrote:
On 24 May 2006 21:48, Bruce Wehr wrote:

Spamming is a sin; it is selfishness and arrogance to the
point of solipsism. Stop it today.
HEY!  One point we can agree on!  Cool!  Maybe you're not such a bad guy
after all!

READ the faq:
OMG, thank you!  A useful, helpful pointer!  THAT'S the kind of stuff I was
looking for in a reply!  I was starting to think that your post had no
substance at all; that it was full of useless flames and nothing else.

Honestly, that document didn't exist when I was selling Pokemon cards
several years ago.  (If it was, I wasn't aware of it, and nobody pointed it
out to me.)  I will read that document, in it's entirety, and heed its
advice.  Thank you again for at least that one piece of useful information.

Now that THAT'S settled, does anyone else have any other USEFUL information
for me?

Well, since you're not going to spam with it, lists pine and tin. I haven't tried either of them myself but lots of people swear by them so you might like to have a go.

postnews appears to be a python script -- it *should* work as long as you've used setup.exe to install python.

WS-XP-4960[13:28:57]: /usr/local/bin>
$ postnews -h
postnews 0.5.3 - (C) 2001 by Michael Waschbuesch

Usage: postnews [OPTIONS] SERVER
Post a usenet article (including headers) from stdin onto SERVER.
Article must at least contain the headers 'From:', 'Newsgroups:' and 'Subject:',
a newline and a body.

Options: -h, --help          display this text
        -v, --verbose       be verbose
        -f, --file=FILE     read file instead of stdin
        -p, --port=PORT     port number
            --user=NAME     user name
            --pass=PASSWD   password
        -r, --readermode    send MODE READER before authentication

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