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RE: No postnews or other Usenet news utilities?

On 24 May 2006 21:48, Bruce Wehr wrote:

>>   Spamming is a sin; it is selfishness and arrogance to the
>> point of solipsism.  Stop it today.
> HEY!  One point we can agree on!  Cool!  Maybe you're not such a bad guy
> after all!
>> READ the faq:
> OMG, thank you!  A useful, helpful pointer!  THAT'S the kind of stuff I was
> looking for in a reply!  I was starting to think that your post had no
> substance at all; that it was full of useless flames and nothing else.
> Honestly, that document didn't exist when I was selling Pokemon cards
> several years ago.  (If it was, I wasn't aware of it, and nobody pointed it
> out to me.)  I will read that document, in it's entirety, and heed its
> advice.  Thank you again for at least that one piece of useful information.
> Now that THAT'S settled, does anyone else have any other USEFUL information
> for me?

  Well, since you're not going to spam with it,
lists pine and tin.  I haven't tried either of them myself but lots of people
swear by them so you might like to have a go.

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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