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RE: slow share = slow scripts?

> From: mwoehlke
> I'm trying to run some scripts off of a slow network share, 
> and it takes
> *forever* in Cygwin (it's OK in Interix).
> Looking at an strace (attached) via 'sort -n' shows a LOT of 
> time being spent in read(), apparently just after (caused 
> by?) an fstat(), which means this feels like an inefficiency 
> somewhere in Cygwin's POSIX emulation.

Cygwin's fstat() is slow.  That's a known situation brought on by the POSIX
definition of the function.  Fstating stuff across a slow link is simply
going to exacerbate the problem.

> Other than "RTFSC", 
> does anyone have any ideas what I could do (workarounds, etc) 
> so that I can run scripts in a reasonable amount of time? 
> (Might this have anything to do with my share being non-writable?)

The obvious is to copy everything to a fast (preferably local) drive/share
and do your business there, if that's possible.  It might be a win for you
even if you did a copy-to-local/modify/copy-back sort of deal, depends on
the situation.

Gary R. Van Sickle

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