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Re: 1.15.19 dlopen() dies with no dlerror()

Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:
Jim Kleckner wrote:
Jim Kleckner wrote:
Michael McKerns wrote:
Yes, yes... I've not given you enough information...
I'm seeing a similar problem with python and 1.5.19 and also tried the snapshot of 22-May.

CYGWIN_NT-5.1 kleckner2 1.5.20s(0.155/4/2) 20060522 00:51:23 i686 Cygwin

A simple test case doesn't fail in dlopen().

My code is not simple but has been working prior to the most recent update (which also updated python and other packages).
A downrev of python does not make the problem go away. If I downrev cygwin, I get complaints about missing entry points.

What do you recommend as the best way to isolate this?

I tried using "prev" with setup.exe but that didn't make the problem go away.

A simple test case with python access to a trivial function works fine (can supply if anyone wants).
The complex dll that used to work simply doesn't return from dlopen.

I downloaded the 20060522 snapshot with debug symbols to get a backtrace with GDB.
GDB says there is a seg fault and somehow this is preventing any information from reaching dlerror().
Without the dlerror() info, it is hard to figure out what needs to change with the dll.
It appears that some constructors are having trouble.

Let me know if there is some single stepping that could be helpful.
(gdb) bt
#0 0x610b1ff8 in pthread_key_create (key=0x6622f8, destructor=0) at
Known issue already fixed in the Cygwin snapshot and in GDB's CVS.  This
is not fatal.  Just continue until you stop seeing this complaint.

As noted above, this was tested using snapshot 20060522. Should that snapshot have the fix you mention? If it should, then this problem still exists in that snapshot.
If not, then which one should I test?

Thanks - Jim

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