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...even stranger (was: ssh + nfs = no write permission)

mwoehlke wrote:
I *think* this is new... if not, would appreciate someone pointing me at what search terms worked better than my attempts.

Anyway... I have two computers - one XP, one W2k3 R2 - running Cygwin with network mounts over ssh set up as described in <>.

This works fine on the XP machine, but on the W2k3 machine, I can *read* but not *alter* (write, change permissions, etc) files on the network mounts (local drives are OK though).

I suspect a permission problem on the ssh user and/or something with how shares work on 2k3 vs. XP. I'm not sure, however, how to investigate the permissions possibility or what I would be looking for.

Any guesses?

Ok, now this is *really* bizarre... if I log in as me, all is OK (minus the above issue). If I log in as "Administrator":
- on the XP box, I get "Read from socket failed: Connection reset by peer".
- on the 2k3 box, I can log in, but my network drives all show up as 'unavailable'.

If I log in as a *different* user (2k3 only, the XP box doesn't know any other users), I get a completely different set of network shares.

This implies that the share re-creation is only working for my user, but I'm not sure how that is possible, as my sshd service is running as the user '.\sshd_server'.

AFAIK, I *did* set up sshd with ssh-host-config; the only thing I changed was to re-create the Windows service (all via cygrunsrv) so it would run my initialization script instead of the actual sshd executable.

Interix, Sphinterix. Cygwin apps don't crash. :-)

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