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Re: dereferenced NULL in setup-2.529 (possible patch)

Brian Dessent wrote:
mwoehlke wrote:

I built setup (from the 2.529 tarball) and ran it in gdb, and got this
stack trace:

Thanks for the debugging. I must have missed the original report, as I don't see the parent post of this thread. Under what circumstances is this repeatable? It looks like the probable case is that get_url_to_string() is not able to fetch the URL of the mirrors list, and hence 'mirrors' is empty.

No, you probably didn't... the original report was buried in which didn't seem to get much reading, under "hmm, that's funny, now it's working". That was on my W2k3 R2 computer. Originally, I gave up trying to debug it because it seemed to be a fluke.

It isn't an empty mirror list problem, though; on my XP computer, it consistently blows up shortly /after/selecting/ a mirror, so your guess is about one step too early :-).

Anyway, I found something interesting... I was using when it blew up. If I use, then it's OK.

As cgf alludes, the state of string handling in setup is currently quite
a mess.  There is kind of a mix std::string, a homemade String class,
and C strings.  We're trying to get rid of the homemade kind.

From looking at it seems that get_site_list() is in dire need of
refactoring.  I think it would make things a lot simpler to just have
load_site_list() take a string, and then process it using c_str(),
skipping the whole new_cstr_char_array() mess.  It makes no sense to go
and allocate something just to pass to load_site_list(), only to then
free it.  And eventually everything in String++.{cc,h} needs to die

I will try to prepare a fix along these lines soon.

Ok, you know the code much better than I. :-) Meanwhile, it WFM with the patch in the previous message, so I'll just run that (or use a different mirror ;-)) until there is another snapshot or release.

p.s. What's the snapshot schedule for setup.exe... less often that cygwin1.dll, I take it?

Interix, Sphinterix. Cygwin apps don't crash. :-)

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