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Re: Installing Perl modules with

Hello all,

Short solution: install cygwin-provided wget and change CPAN setting to 
use /usr/bin/wget, not Windows native wget.exe.

To recap:

David Christensen <dpchrist <at>> writes:
: Stephan Petersen wrote:
: :::Please check the validity of the index file by comparing it to more
: :::than one CPAN mirror.
: :: Have you tried this?  E.g. configured CPAN to use another mirror and
: :: tried again?
: : yes, it's the same for every CPAN mirror I've tried. I've deleted
: : CPAN's and my .cpan directory several times now, it's the
: : same after every reconfiguration.
: : Testing 02packages.details.txt.gz with gzip -t reports:
: : gzip: 02packages.details.txt.gz: invalid compressed data--format
: : violated
: : Same with
: : I'm using cygwin on W2k with default text file type "DOS", in case
: : that's relevant.
: Hmmm...  I dunno.  I run Win XP Pro with Cygwin in DOS mode, and my CPAN seems
: to work.  It also worked when I ran Win2k Pro.


Another thread at speaks 
about trying other protocols (in case proxy/firewall screws up things in 
between) and ensuring that mounts are in binmode (type 'mount' to see things 
like  c:\cygwin\home\username\.cpan on /home/username/.cpan type system 
(binmode) ). 

After I checked these things, reinstalled gzip/zlib and wondered why even 
WinRAR can't see proper files, I thought that the download application (wget) 
is screwed. I checked the cpan.PM but changes to wget options would not help. 
So only then it dawned on me that the _native Windows_ wget.exe (GNU Wget 
1.9.1) which I had in c:\windows\system32 does not work with Cygwin. It just 
doesn't do the right thing with Cygwin when doing -O - (to output downloaded 
file to stdout). So, solution: run Cygwin setup and install cygwin-provided 
wget. Then 'perl -MCPAN -e shell', o conf defaults, o conf init and give it new 
path to wget (/usr/bin/wget).


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