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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] New Package: cygport-0.1.93-1

On Fri, May 19, 2006 at 05:26:14PM -0500, Yaakov S (Cygwin Ports) wrote:
> Bob Rossi wrote:
> > I created a setup.hint for the first time. I don't have a README, is
> > this required?
> Yes, see:
> Keep in mind that the "Build instructions" section needs to be changed
> for a cygport-based source package.

OK, do you have an example from one that you've done that you can post

> > What's the command to 'rerun the pkg phase?
> cygport ./cgdb-0.6.2-1.cygport install pkg
> This installs the README in ${D}/usr/share/doc/Cygwin, and creates
> binary and source packages.  You will also find cgdb-0.6.2-1/dist/cgdb/,
> which is a release-ready package directory, and can be copied as is to
> your web space for testing and upload.

OK, this works great so far. Forgive my ignorance, but what's the best
and easiest way I can test installing this new package before bothering
the cygwin-apps mailing list?

Bob Rossi

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