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Using gutenprint IJS drivers with ghostscript.


I have been trying to use the IJS driver of ghostscript for an Epson
Stylus C87 printer. The driver that is required is the generic gutenprint
diver, which is widely used in the linux systems. In order to install this
driver you require, apart from ghostscript, perl and libxml2 which are part
of the cygwin distribution. You also need the foomatic data base of printers
and drivers that can be obtained from and, of course,
gutenprint from
I finally managed to setup the driver, but there
were some troubles:
1- The current cygwin ghostscrip distribution (8.50) lacks of libijs.a,
   library that is required for building gutenprint.See

2- There are a couple of problems in the installation of foomatic.
2.1 The compilation of foomatic-perl-data.c, which is part of 
    foomatic-db-engine, fails because of the order in which the lxml
    appears in the gcc call. lxml should be at the end. You can modify the
    corresponding Makefile.
2.2 The installation fails because it tries to install in //usr/local/...
    instead of /usr/local/... . The double slash is due to a variable
    $DESTDIR=/ . You should modify the Makefile to set $DESTDIR= .

3- gutenprint is configured with:
     ./configure --with-ghostscript --with-foomatic --without-gimp

   The compilation of /src/escputil/d4lib.c fails because this program  
   defines error_t which was previously defined in errors.h. The two
   definitions had nothing to do. error_t appears only in two places
   inside d4lib.c. I have substituted error_t by error_tt inside
   d4lib.c and everything is OK.


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