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Need suggestion on a backup script that RUNS on cygwin

Hi all,

Here is what I need, and maybe someone can help me find it or probebly
already has a script made:

Client = XP SP2 with Cygwin
Server (remote web server with files to be backed up) = Linux with ssh,
rsync, scp enabled port 49150 (not the standard port 22)

I installed XAMPP with apache Mysql. It also has PHP and PEAR on it

Need the script to run on cygwin to ssh to the webserver, and rsync
/public_html and ../g2data but not /public_html/cgi-bin
Also, if possible, dump the complete and/or specific DB and back that up
aswell. (this could be done on a separate script)
This full backup is only required 1 per montha or per 2 weeks.
For the rest of the 30 days, simply do incremental backups with Rsync.
Scp / rsync this to the XP box running Cygwin.

Different configurations (servers) needed as there is 6 different sites
to backup, some more often then others.

Backup scheduled via cron on cygwin.

Was using RIBS script from a Linux box but this was my server at work.
As I left that place, I no longuer have access to that box.
So now im left with an XP box that I installed Cygwin on but this RIBS
script has special functions in it like is_executable that the 
Windows PHP and/or PEAR does not seem to like.

I can provide the original RIBS script if needed as this might be a HUGE
start. This RIBS script is no longuer supported.

Does something like this available already?   Im no PHP or Perl guru so
I'm having a hard time.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as ive been trying to get this to
work (find a sutable solution) for the past 2 weeks and
Am going nowhere fast !


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