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Re: cygwin + windows update = lock up (W2K SP4)

On Tue, May 02, 2006 at 07:14:32PM +0200, Ludovic Drolez wrote:
>A few months ago someone reported (subj=Windows update vs. cygrunsrv) that
>windows update and cygrunsrv fails when trying to update multimedia programs on
>windows (MP, iTunes, etc). cygrunsrv uses nearly all cpu.
>In fact, I use cygwin 1.5.19-4 and I can reproduce the bug with *any* cygwin
>process (cygrunsrv, bash, cat, etc).
>To reproduce:
>- run cmd.exe, go to the cygwin /bin directory and launch cat.exe
>- on a W2K SP4, start windows update and install KB911564
>- cat starts to consume 75% of the CPU and csrss.exe the 25% left
>- the update will be stuck, and the only way to complete the update is to kill
>the cat.
>It also fails with cygwin1-20060426.dll.
>One strange thing is that cat continues to work, so one of the threads created
>by cygwin seems to be the culprit.
>Any hints on how to debug this problem would be appreciated !

Ludovic's company financed my research into this problem which turned
out to be very tricky to track down but trivial to fix.  Ludovic has
indicated that this problem should be fixed in the latest snapshot.


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