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Re: [RFA] patch for run.exe -- ATTN: ago

On Fri, 19 May 2006, Charles Wilson wrote:

> Alexander Gottwald wrote:
> > Actually GetStdHandle seems to work with pipes.
> >
> > run cat foo | less cat foo | run cat | less
> > but this does exit immediatly
> > run cat | less
> ...
> > So the invisible console should provide stdin, stdout and stderr where
> > stdout and stderr will discard any written data and stdin should never
> > return data on read.
> Nor should the "stdin" pipe ever be "ready" if select() is called on its
> read end.  I'm sure that ought to be true -- as long as run doesn't
> stuff any data into the write end of it.
> > creating a pipe for stdin could be useful. maybe creating one for
> > stdout and stderr which is always read too.
> > [snip code]
> Unfortunately this doesn't solve my problem (after disabling the
> setup_invisible_console() call).  There are two reasons:
> (1) as it happens, GetStdHandle does *not*, in fact, return
> INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE.  I thought it would given my reading of the docs.  I
> thought it DID when I tested it.  But I was wrong.  It's returning some
> non-zero, non-INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE-value.  I have no idea why.

Isn't there a way to retrieve handle information to find out what the
handle refers to?

> (2) Even if I force your pipe code to activate (by explicitly assigning
> INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE to start.hStdInput and friends at the top of the
> code block above), rxvt-unicode-X still goes haywire.
> Sigh.  Hopefully I'll have time to look into this more over the weekend.
> Maybe something like
> > Anyway, if the allocated hidden console does not interfere with the
> > pipes i'm going to add it.
> ???  the pipe code?  or the setup_invisible_console code?  or both?
> > Is it possible to create a console on win9x and hide it again. This
> > will flash, but at least it does work.
> Well, yeah...but then you might as well not even use run.exe for
> launching rxvt or rxvt-unicode.  They can hide their console all by them
> selves, if you don't mind the brief flash.

Yes, but run might be used to hide programs other than rxvt...
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