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RE: Rsync invalid?!?

On 18 May 2006 18:15, Nelson Pereira wrote:

> Ok, that explains it,
> But still does not explain why im getting :
> WARNING: The rsync program: '/bin/rsync' is not valid.

  You really do need to improve the level of detail of your bug reports.
Saying "I'm trying to get rsync to work" doesn't tell us anything about what
you're doing.

  In particular, by omitting every single detail, you have obfuscated the fact
that you aren't actually getting this message from rsync at all, but from a
wrapper script you are using that is not part of the standard rsync distro.

  It would have been more helpful to have mentioned that fact in the first
place and would have resulted in you getting help with your problem more

  Anyway, the problem is that one of the "if (!is_executable($s_rsync))" tests
is failing.  You need to establish why.  Perhaps you've used a win32 version
of PHP that doesn't know how to follow cygwin links/mountpoints?

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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