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Re: PHP for Cygwin

Can anyone please help me compile PHP5 with Apache1.3 ?

Im desperate... I've been trying to do this for 2 weeks now.

If you didn't manage already then you should pretty much give up on
this and use php as a cgi/fcgi under apache or lighttpd.

rereading the thread, i noticed you said:
I have a script (ribs) to run, although this is a php script run from
Either a cron job or command line. So I installed cygwin and apache.
hell, why did you want to install apache if it's CLI stuff ?!

it seems to me that either:
- you don't really understand what you're doing, so we can't help you
farther than telling you to get some education about what is apache,
what is PHP, what is a DSO, CLI and CGI. Then you'll have no problem
understanding that building the DSO under cygwin is close to
impossible, and no trouble either on rolling your own php compile to
run any php CLI script or configure it as a CGI under apache or
- you didn't explain your situation well, so we can't help you until
you make things clear, which up until now, is exactly the opposite.

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